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The Dharma Bum(blers)

The Dharma Bum(bler)s
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"What is up with the Username?"
The username has very little to do with what the community is about now. Formerly a community for fans of Billy Tucci's "Shi" comic book I dismantled it due to membership consisting of one person, Me. So now it is
The Dharma Bum(bler)s.

"What are the Dharma Bum(bler)s about?"
We are a community for people exploring Buddhism in all its forms, and applying those principles to our daily lives and improving our personal spirituality.

"Who can join?"
Any one of any faith or practice, we simply ask that you have an open mind and consider everything presented before judging it. (Though of course one of our goals is to not judge period)
Anyone who is a buddhist or is curious about becoming a Buddhist.

"So who runs this joint?"
this place is run by kylefuetzvater a Buddha-curious. Any questions you have may be directed at her.

"Any websites I can read first?"
Reading these aren't required for membership but they can help you on the path.
Tricycle Magazine
a google search on the Dalai Lama