whitelotus64 (whitelotus64) wrote in anaishikawa,

Looking for spiritually-minded friends!

Hi Everyone, I just joined this group and wanted to introduce myself. I am a 30-year-old Denverite and I'm looking for some good people to support each other in a spiritual journey. I identify mostly with Buddhism, and practice a few different kinds of Buddhist meditation, but I draw from other traditions as well. I'm excited to have found this group, and I would also love to communicate with people outside of this posting! Aside from spirituality I have lots of other interests - I am very passionate about life and get excited about lots of things. Come introduce yourself to me! Thanks, everyone :)
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Back in Edmonton after 20 years away ... my sangha at-large is (as usual) squabbling about politics, and the local scene (drumming and such) seems scattered and incoherent.

Good of you to introduce yourself. Just now I got this post in my side-bar while I was watching folk globally tweeting and twittering. LJ is singing bird songs!

This to let you know: I've rigged "hfx_ben" to tweet updates from this community into TwitterWorld. (I'm there personally as bentrem so I don't flood anything.)