mentholtomato (mentholtomato) wrote in anaishikawa,

intros, intros...

i'm sorry, i realized that i joined here and never posted a proper introduction.
i'm 18 years old, an aspie musician/future linguist living in northeastern usa, off to college next year. i studied buddhism off and on since 7th grade when we did a bit of world religions, but it became a serious interest as i entered high school. it was general mahayana that caught my eye, but i have focused and broadened since. (i would say i was a zen practitioner, but i don't always do well enough with meditation...) about a year and a half ago, i would have said i was dead set on becoming some kind of anchorite, but for several reasons, i have decided that it may not be for me. we'll see where the path takes me...
so, for now, i hope i can be an asset to the community... i don't have as much life experience as many of you, but i'll try to be a source of information when i can. certainly, i also hope to glean as much as i can from your wisdom. :)
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Why don't you do well with meditation?