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I've been looking for somewhere to 'babble' about stuff like this. I'm 29 and live in Calgary Alberta. I've been interested in spirituality (for want of a better phrase) for about 9 or 10 years. I started off with yoga and moved to a little Thai Chi. Then got introduced to meditation and then went the natural path to Buddhism.

I'm a 2nd Degree Reiki healer (I have the Japanese Hiragana for Reiki tattooed on my left shoulder) and I also have a new tattoo from a few months ago whilst travelling around the US. I got Aum Mane Padme Hum tattooed in purple across my lower back. And yes, it hurt like hell getting it done there ;)

Anyway, I've only just stumbled on here so will do some reading to catch up on things and I'll be posting soon but thought I'd introduce myself.

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I just moved back to Alberta after years in Nova Scotia (during which I spent some time at Gampo Abbey where I very fortunately met my teacher and "switched" from Soto Zen to Karma Kagyu.)

Interesting ... I encountered meditation through hatha yoga.

TaiChi? I was really averse to it for years ... seemed so trippy-hippy ... then I encountered the Taoist center in Halifax and wow, it's /such/ a good thing to do!

Right now I'm just gasping from the absence of community (I'm big into communal residences.) ... taking it all "onto the path of meditation" as best I can.

A friend gave me a Reiki treatment (I broke both my feet in a fall some years back) ... that was the 2nd most astonishing experience of my life. Congrats.
i don't know much about reiki, but my "aunt" (a family friend who was close when i was younger) is also a healer. at what degree, i do not know. how long did it take you to become a 2nd degree reiki healer?