Dace (dace) wrote in anaishikawa,

Tibetan in America

I'm currently teaching English to Tibetan refugees in Sera, India.

My friend, Lobsang (a monk-in-training) is curious to spend time in the U.S. or Canada, primarily to learn English in a primarily English-speaking country. Ideally, he would like to devote much (most?) of his energy there learning English (as opposed to trying to find income).

Does anyone have any info on Tibetans visiting/immigrating to USA/Canada or have any useful contacts to whom I could refer him?
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I wish I knew something, but you should contact Jewel Heart in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I think they'd have all of the information you need.
I'm part of a Buddhist church in Birmingham, Alabama. The man who runs our services is a Tibetan monk himself. He may know how to help your friend.

E-mail me at arewedreaming@hotmail.com and I will give you his information.
hey, I saw your posting and found it amazing that you are teaching english in India. I too plan on going to India next summer. I am from the United States and am currently majoring In English for a future teaching career. I work with many Tibetans at a hospital, where we deliver food to patients. I'm sure they would be fascinated in knowing about you as well. write me back some time.
thank you
tricia carlberg