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Call for respondents!

I'm writing my term paper for Buddhism on the topic of Buddhist ethics as related to suicide. While I know what the textbook information is, I am looking for the more personal view -- our personal ethic is rarely as cut and dried as scriptural ethic.

I am finishing up my data gathering and am looking for people who are willing to answer a six item questionnaire to be finished on or before this Friday (11/19).

If you would be willing to lend your insight or have any questions, please respond in the comments of this post, or by email to iconnu@gmail.com.

I will need a valid email address for anyone responding to take fill out the questionnaire so that I can send it to you. This is a research paper and not an article, so it is important that I have a consistent format for my references and enough information for my bibliography.

Cross-posted just about everywhere as the larger the sample the better.
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