Marianne Bonnireade (feeplume) wrote in anaishikawa,
Marianne Bonnireade

wooow what a wonderful community! i'm all wrapped up in the dharma bums right now, kerouac was such a brilliant man. a brief introduction here . . .

my name is abby. i'm 18 years old and my first interest in eastern philosophy/religion came, ironically enough, thru a chanukah present when i was in 7th grade. my dad gave me a copy of siddhartha -- he's never been a particularly devout jew, and my mother is a christian, so i suppose it's always made sense for me to forge my own path and he simply opened the door for me.

i wouldn't quite call myself a buddhist because i'm weak and lost and all wrapped up in samsara -- which i suppose we all are in a way, but i feel i'm still too ignorant. i'll be a freshman this fall at a liberal arts college where i plan to study hinduism and buddhism and possibly even go abroad to asia for a semester to study religion.

also, here is a poem i wrote yesterday, it's by no means a good one but the ideas behind it i feel this community could appreciate:

if the mind is empty the soul can be full
when the mind rests satisfied the soul knows nothing but to follow

i understand the bare head psilocybin dream
as do you, you who hide from ignorance and knowledge,
that you've ever understood anything you thus understand it all

for what is emptiness but a feeling full of solitude,
what is fullness but the emptiness of "what then is left to delight me?"

that's it i suppose, unless anyone's got any questions! feel free to ask them, or to friend me if my interests page hints that we may have much in common.


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